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Matures Handcuffed

The student was handcuffed and forcibly held to the floor in the foyer of the building for several minutes as a total of four police vehicles assembled outside, including one car containing police dogs, as well as a police van.

matures handcuffed


So Muhammad Ali did not take boxing with him after all. Just as Joe Louis had not after all. Just as Jack Dempsey could not after all. They left it to Mike Tyson, a primitive without stockings, who carves a hole in a towel and calls it a robe. Like boxing, he is an anachronism, a dusty old museum piece of 20, a black from Brooklyn's worst circumstances, an orphaned street robber found handcuffed to a reform-school radiator, and the youngest heavyweight champion of the world.

The market saw its chance to rise up against the Great Financial Repression and managed to take 10-year Treasury yields up 25 basis points over the past two days. So far, so good, however, as bonds are currently reacting to a stronger economy and a Fed that may be handcuffed by rising oil prices, a better economy, the recession of European sovereign risk, and domestic politics.

The young men, clad in T-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops, are handcuffed and escorted by armed guards down long corridors. They are interviewed by judges who then dictate summaries in slow, clipped language to court reporters. At times the young men and their families struggle to understand the dense legalese of the Brazilian justice system; at other times they seem uncannily familiar with its terminology. Carlos Eduardo's bewildered mother, Elma, wrings her hands as she consults with Ignez, the defense lawyer; Elma finds solace and catharsis only outside the courts, speaking tongues at a Pentecostal service. Carlos Eduardo's young girlfriend, who is pregnant with his second child, sits impassive through the proceedings, apparently shell-shocked. When the two women visit him in prison, Elma tells her son that they, too, are behind bars. 041b061a72


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