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Chariton Safonov
Chariton Safonov

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the acquisition of revit in 2002 was a significant moment for autodesk. autodesk immediately invested heavily in the revit product, by increasing the product teams in both the uk and the us, and also by introducing revit viewer, an affordable but powerful viewer. the first release of revit viewer in 2003 was an important step forward. viewer and revit were not yet branded as autodesk inventor, however, it was clear that revit was a stepping-stone towards inventor for aec.

autodesk inventor professional 2014 free download keygen 64 bit

autodesk inventor is now on the verge of being the de facto aec solution in a market that includes sketchup, revit, rhinoceros, pro/engineer, grasshopper, rhino, vray, blender, lightwave and many others. the ambitions of autodesk inventor are quite clear and the game has been to differentiate themselves by offering a truly three-dimensional product with a real-time ray-tracing engine.

the first in-depth look at autodesks aec studio 1.4 was actually the second-ever autodesk conference, aec2007 in barcelona. autodesk described it as the last step in the continuum. that was pretty serious talk.

aec2007 was a landmark conference - the first of its kind and autodesk were serious about the messages they delivered. in particular the message was to stop doing that business-as-usual development in which you get a product, then do an upgrade and it fails, then you fall back on a service contract and it goes down; aec is so important it needs to be a core part of your product. both projects are very exciting. i cant wait to see what autodesk do with revit. im sorry to say that they wont be coming for awhile, as the team has invested heavily in the new version of autocad. and youre stuck for a while to learn their new system. theres a lot of exciting stuff for the future.


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