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Viber: A Fun and Private Messaging and Calling App - Download Now on Google Play Store

It's not surprising to see Facebook as the world's second-highest downloaded app. Despite seemingly endless scandals, questionable privacy practices, and the #DeleteFacebook movement, it still reigns supreme and is one of the most popular Google store apps.

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Viber enables you to enjoy video calls, voice calls, long conversations and sharing of multimedia files. It also allows you to share videos, photographs and text messages. After downloading the Application, you will easily find a store where you can find tags to buy. After installing the App in your mobile device, it will be easy to allow the APP get access to your phone list. This will in fact allow you to start using the highest quality audio with no expenses. It is best to use a 3G or Wi-Fi since an application that has data plan can be more expensive compared to using a mobile phone.

Had installed the GBox on Huawei mate 40 pro, but the Google Play Store icon not found inside the GBox, only can open through the web, then Google play store will show up. Any solution to add the shortcut back?

Gbox is a totally unnecessary and useless app that requires way too much extra steps even though they claim to make it easier to use. This app is completely unnecessary due to the fact that on other devices one can simply download their apps/games via Google play store.

None of these worked for me,only thing that worked is I uninstalled the most up to date version of the app and went back to my original factory set Google play app and I was able to download right away. Maybe option #4?

Remain on the Application Settings then select one by one the applications that have been updated prior to the problem then uninstall the update *uninstalling the google messenger and google play music works for me *update of a certain application is the cause of the problem *it prevents the play store from updating other application..

Turns out the second app that I was using for downloading some apps APKPURE was causing issues, I only had to force stop APKPURE and the playstore started working again inmediatly, leaving this here in case someone else also runs into the same trouble.

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I have this problem only in WIFI, when I do clear cache and data from google play, it works a whiel. Then it goes again download pending when trying to download an app. Issue is not when Im downloading over 4G.

I have an UMIDIGI Pro Z1 with its own App Store and Google Play store has never worked properly right from the start. I tried all the methods suggested on the Internet but none of the worked. But I just realized that even it looks like that downloading will last forever, if I leave it pending it finishes updating all the apps, only it may take several hours. e.g. yesterday I had 8 app updates pending and this morning everything looks updated fine.

Go to settings and turn Data Saver ON. Ensure that in Data Saver screen, unrestricted access is turned ON for Google Play Services and Google Play Store. This should resolve the problem of app not downloading in play store or any sync issues in Google account.

The reason is one of your app is blocking the background process. In my case the culprit was Google Photos app. I have automatic back up turned ON in Google Photos and this was somehow breaking background processes of Google services and play store.

There is a way for you to identify the problem app. After turning ON Data Saver, Turn ON unrestricted access for all apps within Data Saver screen. Then start download of app updates in play store. If you already have play store download problem, you may not see download arrow in the top left corner of the screen. Now toggle for app each one by one unrestricted access button OFF, watch for download arrow whether it started working, if not then back to ON. When I did this for Google Photos, everything started working fine.

This is a little more complicated (complicated as in you will need to do a little more than the previous two methods). What you need to do is clear the cache and clear the data of the play store. This will get rid of the error code 920 the next time you download or update any application from the Google Play store.

It is best if you follow the order of the methods mentioned. Like, try each method in the given order until you get rid of the play store error 920. If you reach here then you truly must be in a desperate position to get rid of this error. The best and guaranteed way is to delete your Google account from your phone. By deleting what is meant here is to temporarily remove your account and the adding it in again. What this does is it kind of resets your play store details and it eradicates the error code 920. To do this you need to

Many android users who have downloaded and installed apks from sources other than Google Play Store experience the error 403 when they try to update or re-install that app from the Google Play Store. Again, like for most Google error codes RPC:S-5:AEC-0, error 927 and error 923, there is no one sure shot solution to the google play error 403. This error seems to affect paid or purchased apps. I have compiled a list of solutions that will help you fix the annoying error 403.

YES!!! I tried all kinds of things suggested on other websites but nothing worked. Method 1 here worked perfectly. I had two google accounts connected and removed both using exact instructions given. Rebooted, ran up Play store, accepted the Terms etc. and success, downloads run without error! Thanks a million.

I am having the same problem but I am also afraid to apply the 1st method (already tried others and did not help). When I remove my Google accounts (I have 2) and clear the data, will this now swipe my email accounts etc as well? And also the apps that I have already downloaded and installed? Does this mean I will have to re-install all? Re-sync my google accounts and so on? Aw.. there must be another way that works for me. =(

The interface is very simple which allow you to get the best messaging to share photos, audio, videos, contacts, map locations, and much more. You can also create group chats and public chats where people around the world interact even with celebrities up to 250 people. There are games, so you can enjoy playing with your friends. Moreover, you can also download various cute stickers from Sticker Market to send them in your contact room.


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