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Brave Archer 4 Full Movie In Italian 720p Download |VERIFIED|

THE BRAVE ARCHER is the first of a four-part film series made by the Shaw Brothers studio as an adaptation of a Louis Cha novel of the 1950s. The films were directed by Chang Cheh and starred Alexander Fu Sheng as the eponymous hero who undergoes a massive journey, transforming from a put-upon youth to a brave hero by the end of the series. It's not for the faint of heart, either; this film doesn't really have much of a climax, instead merely setting up the sequel, and some of the characters introduced at the outset don't even appear yet. Watching it is a massive undertaking.I had no idea what to expect from this film, but the end result is a good one. It's not one of my favourite Shaw movies for a number of reasons, and chief of these is the action. There are some brief fight scenes here but they're heavily outweighed by the dense plotting, which throws a ton of information at the viewer constantly. It's not one of those movies which you can watch while distracted - you need your full attention just to keep up with what's being portrayed.A huge and complex cast adds to the depth of the thing, with each character representing a different faction and various rivalries and teamings up between them. The film is fine looking which you'd expect by Shaw standards, and eminently watchable. It's the constant flow of familiar faces that make this such a fun experience. Fu Sheng and Tien Niu are the couple at the centre of the tale and their romantic scenes come as a surprise given Cheh's usual sidelining of women in his films.Wang Lung Wei, Fan Mei Sheng, Chan Shen, and Danny Lee play various adversaries who come and go as the story progresses. Kara Hui has a small part but is breathlessly beautiful in it. Ku Feng is cast against type as a friendly beggar and Philip Kwok is almost unrecognisable beneath a huge grey wig. The other Venoms are here too: Chiang Sheng has unnamed cameos, Lu Feng is excellent in an early role, Wang Li appears, and Lo Meng is an ally who hangs around in the background a lot. Li Yi-Min is an arrogant prince. One of my favourite characters is Dick Wei, who has an important role early on in the proceedings. Treat THE BRAVE ARCHER not as a complete film but merely the first quarter of a bigger undertaking that's here to set up the story, similar to THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING.

Brave Archer 4 Full Movie In Italian 720p Download

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