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Chariton Safonov

Mixer Grinder Working Principle.pdf

So these are the basic working functions of a mixer grinder but the working function may be different based on price. ????Only the best mixer grinder can give the best results so read our post about the best mixer grinder????

Mixer Grinder Working Principle.pdf


Most of the mixer grinders are made up of hard plastic which makes mixer grinders lightweight and easily carryable and this plastic is not only strong also these are electric shockproof.

This depends upon your using, if you are mixing hard ingredients in the mixer grinder then I recommend you to change the blades after a few months, that will increase the performance

The applications of this motor include different loads which are used for general purpose. Due to the excellent starting torque and easy direction-reversal characteristics, it finds use in lathe machines, drilling, washing machines, woodworking tools, belted fans, drill presses, oil burners, centrifugal pumps, compressors, air conditioning fans, floor polishers, blowers dryers, mixer grinder, heating blowers with belt-driven and conveyors with tiny belt-driven, and various other low starting torque applications.


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