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Should I Buy A Refurbished Tablet

Apple is the king of tablet manufacturers but iPads are far from cheap, with the most affordable model - the Apple iPad 10.2in - starting at 319. Refurbished iPads provide a way for people to get their hands on one of Apple's portables for considerably less than their RRP.

should i buy a refurbished tablet

For some, the thought of buying a refurbished iPad is offputting, but it shouldn't be. As long as you're buying from a reputable source offering a warranty, a refurbished iPad will function exactly like its factory-fresh counterpart.

Retailers of refurbished iPads repair, test and clean their devices to ensure the product is in full working order and most have a grading system that indicates any physical imperfections the refurbished iPad may have. Typically, the lower the grade, the bigger the discount, so the more willing to accept superficial wear and tear you are, the more cash you'll save.

You've probably seen Music Magpie advertised on TV. The site offers a huge range of certified refurbished technology, including games consoles, mobile phones and laptops, and its selection of iPads is particularly impressive. It sells refurbished iPads in one of three conditions, pristine, very good and good, and has devices to suit just any budget or need.

With an average Trust Pilot score of 4.7/5 from over 175,000 reviews, it's a site you can rely on and you'll often find it has offers on some of its top refurbished tech. What's more, if you have an old tablet you're looking to get rid of, you can sell it to Music Magpie and put the money towards a more recent model.

Amazon Renewed offers a wide range of refurbished iPads and there are some great savings to be had if you shop around a bit. Products sold on the site have been inspected and tested by either Amazon itself or the marketplace seller and in both cases by a qualified manufacturer of specialist third-party refurbisher. The products will function as if they were new and feature no cosmetic imperfections when viewed from 12in away. Some items may come packaged in a generic box but rest assured, all accessories will be included unless stated on the specific product page.

Because Amazon hosts thousands of vendors, it's worth bearing in mind that a shady seller or two may slip through the cracks despite its vetting process. Consequently, you should always take a look at the number of ratings a seller has and any customer feedback available before parting with your hard-earned cash.

With a significant proportion of people already having an Amazon account, Amazon Renewed is a quick and easy way of buying a refurbished iPad and those with Prime subscriptions can take advantage of the retailer's handy free next-day delivery on eligible products.

Each iPad purchased through the Apple Refurbished store will also come with a one-year warranty; the same as a brand-new tablet, while many come with 90 days of complimentary technical support. Our only real criticism of the Apple Refurbished store is that stock levels vary wildly. Sometimes you'll find loads of great products on offer, while on other occasions, they'll only be a handful of devices available.

Although it primarily sells laptops, this site often has some cracking discounts on refurbished iPads. The site is well-rated on Trust Pilot and has four grades for the devices it sells: A1, A2, A3 and pre-owned. If you're after the best quality refurbished iPad, you'll want to aim for an A1 device, which will be good as new, with many having only been opened and never used.

A2 grade refurbished iPads will come in good condition, with minor cosmetic markings and minimal use, while A3 devices have more visible markings and have been used moderately in the past. For devices that fall under the pre-owned banner, you'll want to check the individual listing for details of the iPad's condition.

The iOutlet specialises in refurbishing secondhand phones and tablets and has a huge range of devices on offer in addition to an excellent Trust Pilot rating of 4.8. Its refurbished iPads fall into one of three categories - Grade A, B or C - with A being in excellent condition, with little sign of wear, B showing moderate signs of wear and C showing heavy signs of usage.

If dealing with a private seller, then you should always try to pay via a secure method such a PayPal. This ensures that your money is going through a third party and that there is a record of the payment. Try to avoid cash-in-hand sales if you can.

Still, buying something stamped "refurbished" can be a dicey proposition, because the word can mean different things to different retailers. What good is saving money if you're just buying someone else's problems?

The key to getting a great refurbished iPad is to buy from a reputable retailer that clearly details not only what condition the refurb is in, but its own return and warranty policies. In this case, the best place to start is with the manufacturer.

There's a whole section of the Apple Store dedicated to its certified refurbished products. It's a bit hidden. Just scroll down to the site navigation at the bottom of any page and look for Refurbished and Clearance under the Apple Store heading, or click that last link.

Getting a refurbished iPad direct from Apple is the safest and best option. The prices are good (around 20% off list price) and Apple puts in a new battery, gives each iPad a new outer shell and fully tests them. They're put in fresh boxes with Apple's own accessories and a one-year warranty is included, as are free shipping and returns. You're essentially getting a new iPad at a discount, and that is awesome.

Here's where things can get confusing. If you search for "refurbished iPads" you'll turn up a lot of options -- from big retailers Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart, to smaller sites that specialize in selling used products like Gazelle and BackMarket -- and then there's the shopping minefield that is eBay. They all have different standards for refurbished gear and have a range of return guarantees and warranties available for the refurbs they sell. Also, while you might be buying it on Walmart or Amazon, that's not necessarily who's selling you the iPad.

For deeper discounts, Best Buy also offers older refurbished iPads that are "repaired and restored to a like-new state." A 90-day warranty is included and the refurb is also covered by the store's return and exchange promise. The benefit here is that should something go wrong, you can actually go into a store instead of trying to handle things online or on the phone.

Amazon, Walmart and Newegg sell refurbished iPads. They also have third-party sellers using their sites to do the same. The problem here is that warranties and return policies can differ for refurbs sold directly from the store and those from third-party sellers.

All the sellers of refurbished Amazon Fire Tablets on SellCell have been rigorously vetted to ensure they are a quality company that produces refurbished devices to a high standard so you can rest assured you are getting a high quality product from a trusted company. All sellers on SellCell offer a minimum 12 months warranty for your added peace of mind

SellCell is completely free and totally impartial. We compare deals on refurbished Amazon Fire Tablets from the leading brands and we show you independently verified customer reviews for each seller to help you make the right decision

To get the best deal when buying a refurbished Amazon Fire Tablet or other refurbished device you ideally need to shop around as prices vary a lot. SellCell saves you the time and hassle of shopping around by instantly comparing prices from all the leading sellers in one handy place. Problem solved!

If purchased brand new, Amazon Fire Tablets are still one of the most affordable tablets in the market, but there are still big advantages to buying a pre-owned Amazon Tablet or one that has been re-worked. A refurbished Amazon Fire Tablet is one that someone has previously owned and used and may require some restoration work to get it back into a full working order. Refurbished Amazon Fire Tablets are very popular as gifts for children and teenagers due to their affordable price position.

Amazon Fire Tablets have been in existence for about eight years. They were originally known as Kindle Fires, but in recent years the Kindle part has been dropped and they are now wholly referred to as Fire Tablets. There is no doubt that if you require one of the most cost effective and affordable tablets on the market a refurbished Amazon Fire tablet is calling your name. Outside of the price benefits, the refurbished Amazon Fire Tablet will come with a warranty and peace of mind that you are buying from a refurbishment company that only operates in a environmentally friendly way.

If you are looking to buy a refurbished Amazon Fire Tablet SellCell is definitely your best option. Rather than having to research lots of different companies to find a trustworthy and well price partner, SellCell will do all of this for you in an instant. Just type your make and model of your Amazon Fire Tablets into our search box and in a second we will show you a list of sellers at the most affordable prices in the market.

With a refurbished product bought by Wacom, you do get a one year warranty, so I am lucky to have that. Wacom tech support was very nice and got me on planned to start sending it off. I had to pay for shipping, which did shock me but it is fine. (80$ btw). I used UPS since it seemed logical. Wacom sent all the info I needed with UPS and a tracking number is a safe feeling.

I look blankly at my tablet.. puzzled and confused... why is it not turning on. I know I am setting this up right. I look at my power cable and I question the connection. I try on different outlets - nothing. I was sent a dead tablet.

So I was excited to try out and see if this tablet had the same issues as my last one. The fan noise seemed more reasonable. It wasn't too loud but its there. The ghosting lines are still there. Yeah. Everything works good as new tho. 041b061a72


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