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Mount RushmoreThe Good Doctor : Season 1 Episode 2

In Pilot, Mount Weather was mentioned as the targeted drop-site for the Exodus ship of the 100. Chancellor Jaha informs the 100 through video about this. He explains it was a military camp in the past, and that it is stocked with supplies for 300 people good for 2 years. He says they should find the supplies immediately. Clarke Griffin, Finn Collins, Jasper Jordan, Monty Green and Octavia Blake go on a journey to the mountain. Wells Jaha asks to come but while his leg was still broken the group suggested he shouldn't leave. When they reach Mount Weather, there is a river blocking their path. Clarke looks at her map and becomes suspicious because there is no river present. Octavia was the first one to get into the water. Soon after that, she was attacked by some sort of sea monster, but Jasper jumped in and saved her. The group still had to cross the river to get to Mount Weather, so they decide to make a rope from branches and cross it. Jasper insists on going first and lands safely on the other side. He finds a roughed up piece of steel, reading the words Mount Weather. He holds it up as the others cheer for him in excitement. Although, only seconds later, he is speared in the chest by a Grounder hiding in the shrubs, and is then thought to be dead by his friends. This was the moment the group found out that they were in fact not alone.

Mount RushmoreThe Good Doctor : Season 1 Episode 2

Compared to locations in the east, the area warms rather gradually early in the year, with the last measurable snow typically occurring in late April and precipitation totals beginning to increase; May snow occurs several times per decade. Toward the middle of the year, storms typically develop over the Black Hills during the afternoon and move onto the plains in the evening. Only in April through June have calendar-day precipitation amounts exceeding 3 inches or 76.2 millimetres been observed. June 15, 1963, with 3.78 inches or 96.0 millimetres, holds the single-day rainfall record;[17] the record-wettest month is May 1996 with 8.18 inches or 207.8 millimetres.[17] Rapid City has an average of twenty clear to partly cloudy days[19] and 67% of its possible sunshine in June.[20] This is the traditional "flood" season for Rapid and other creeks in the Eastern Hills. Temperatures warm rapidly as summer approaches. 041b061a72


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