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Just In Time For Christmas Fixed

More shenanigans and hilarity ensues when Lindsay spots Jason and *gasp* Becca together in the coffee shop. Lindsay ducks behind a car twice to avoid being spotted but ends up confusing more shocked parents who just want to get to their car. She claims she was checking the tire pressure and decides hiding behind a pole is a better option.

Just in Time for Christmas

RAVE to the person who delivered my lost package! The shipping company delivered my package to the wrong address, but a friendly neighbor brought it to my door just in time for Christmas. Thank you so much. I appreciate your kindness and I will pay it forward!

My favorite three moments are when Lindsay is in Jason's shop as he's closing up and tells him that's his soon-to-be wife is the lucky one (it's just so rife with tension, longing, regret, and history that I held my breathe until it was over), when Lindsay comes racing back to stop the wedding and finds she's too late, and lastly when she finds herself back in the present and finally accepts Jason's proposal (the spin and kiss were just so cute!!).

For those who don't like sweets, the holidays can be a tough time. From gingerbread cookies to chocolate everything, Christmas treats are everywhere. So what's a non-dessert lover to do? One solution: pickle-flavored candy canes.

We all need to celebrate good news this year. Come celebrate with us as we bring back our Holiday Mall Drives! And just in time for the big day. Our Holiday Mall drives will stretch from the middle of December all the way into the New Year.

At Barton Creek Square and Lakeline Malls, the blood drives will be held in one of our bloodmobiles. The Arboretum location has been acting as a temporary We Are Blood center for several months and has been instrumental in helping us bring in needed donations in this unprecedented time.

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Technology improvements are driving higher efficiencies, and there are some areas where demand for our legacy services continues to decline, and we're adjusting our workforce in some of those areas as we continue to align our workforce with the changing needs of the business. Many of the affected employees have a job offer guarantee that ensures they'll be offered another job with the company, and we'll work to find other jobs for as many of them as possible.

"How can you lay people off and then give them $1,000 and say that there's going to be more jobs available? I wish someone could tell me how that's possible because I have to explain that to my members, and right now at this time of year, this is a difficult pill to swallow," Joseph Blanco, president of Local 6360 Communication Workers of America Union in Kansas City, told Fox 4 on Thursday.

A large man in a red suit walks among the workers. His smiles and waves are returned by the elves bustling on the shop floor. It is just five weeks until Christmas, and the plant is in high gear. The man is startled by the short, sharp blast of a horn and turns to find a forklift stacked high with boxes pulling up alongside him.

Another tool that toy companies use all the time to build demand is controlled scarcity. In other industries, a shortage is a bad thing. In the toy industry, you might find executives giving each other high fives over a shortage. It creates buzz. The trick is to start a fad and allow some shortage, while avoiding so much scarcity that you disappoint a lot of people. One way to do that is to ship a limited quantity of the product to stores in the fall, making it tough to find, and quickly catch up around Thanksgiving.

We also believe that outsourcing is the wrong strategy for us from an organizational standpoint. As an enterprise, we bear responsibility not just for the children but also for our employees. Just think how hard it might be for an unemployed elf to find another job!

Track your local forecast for the Austin area quickly with the free FOX 7 WAPP. The design gives you radar, hourly, and 7-day weather information just by scrolling. Our weather alerts will warn you early and help you stay safe during storms.

\"I have been on hundreds of flights, and I've never had this many cancellations before - it's just been crazy,\" Trahan explained. \"I'm just thankful we didn't lose our luggage, we got to spend time with family, and we made it home. I feel like I'm really, really lucky, but I'm pretty scared to fly again in the future, I'll tell you that.\"

In a Twitter post from IGN, it's been confirmed that the animated series will premiere on the streaming platform on December 15th, 2022. Just in time for Christmas, then! So when you're sat on the sofa about to pop from all that lovely turkey and stuffing, you can whack a bit of Sonic Prime on while you admire your new socks and Toblerone bars.

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Carol Williams's new book is a captivating story of the incredible power that one's friends and the Lord can bring to one's life to help overcome any trauma. Through incredible perseverance and faith in God, Jessie discovers those willing to stand by her through her darkest times, and who will be there to help overcome life's greatest challenges.

"The Plastic Army Women has definitely expanded the scope of people who are interested in my products. Specifically, military women have been so incredibly supportive and excited and shared so many of their experiences with me. It's just been astonishing," Imel said.

"This is such a simple thing; it's a small plastic toy figure. It's nothing all that particularly special, but she has brought so many people together and started so many conversations and just been so fun for people. That's just a wonderful thing, and it does make me feel more like Santa's helper than probably anything else I've ever done," Imel said.

Remarkably, in just five months all those books had been given way, and our distribution partners were requesting an additional 16,000 copies of the book for refugee children. We were in the process of arranging for further printings when another providential appointment occurred.

Another friend arranged transportation through German ministry partners. I called a friend and small business owner in the Midwest to see if he might help provide some of the financial assistance for the project. Unbeknownst to me, he was in the middle of selling his business, and he and his wife had been praying about how they might gift a portion of the money. They closed on the sale this past Friday, and without me even asking, agreed to fund the entire printing and distribution just in time for Christmas.

The big winter-weather news this weekend might have been the nasty ice storms that pounded parts of the Midwest and and Northeast, but here in Colorado, the weather has been shaping up just the way we like it.

Even if you've already made your holiday plans, this is the time to start thinking about a Copper Mountain ski weekend in January. We're eager to share our fresh snow with you, and would love to have you as a guest at one of our many fine ski-in, ski-out condos at Copper.

A cute introduction to baking or a tiny fire hazard? It's hard to say, but Easy-Bake Ovens were coveted. More than 5 million were sold in less than a decade after their introduction, and they only became more popular as time went on, particularly when Betty Crocker got involved and shrunk her mixes down to miniature size. Whether the doll-sized desserts ever really tasted good is still debatable, but this gadget wowed bakers-in-training.

The colorful cube wasn't just for brainiacs, though it was created by a Hungarian professor to help his students solve mathematical puzzles. The Rubik's Cube confused and frustrated even the most math-averse consumers of the early '80s, so to help those who got stuck, one 12-year-old fan published a guide on how to solve the cube that sold over 1.5 million copies.

There was just something about their dimples, unassuming smiles and unique names (signatured on their cloth bottoms) that made kids and collectors go crazy for Cabbage Patch Kids -- but the supply was nowhere near enough to meet the insatiable demand for the dolls. The baby fervor hit its fever pitch with the Cabbage Patch Kid riots in November 1983, when parents crowded toy stores and fended off fellow customers for the very limited quantity of the must-have doll. (See this archival footage of the riots from CNN affiliate WABC for airborne dolls and royally P.O.'d parents.) 041b061a72


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